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Annie & Baby: Happy Mother's Day

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Thank you for checking out the web. I'm a big fan of Annie Man Chung Han. I'm happy to share with you all the news about her but it seems like she's stop doing dramas. So there's really nothing for me to post about her. Therefore, I decide to stop posting any more news of her unless she's back to the industry.

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Vampire Expert III: Coincidentally - Episode 1

Check out Annie's drama.. It's an old one. This is the one that led me to become her fan. She's with Frankie Lam in here.
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Annie's wedding and her friends' .. pictures

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Annie wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Jamie bb this year, the first year of tease Lee to [Applause]wish you all a Happy New Year, all wishes come true and good health, the Year of the Snake kid cute[Love you]

Annie Man's 5lbs 14oz baby girl is born

Tuesday August 21, 2012 Hong Kong
Source:, Annie Man's Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @

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Yesterday Annie Man gave birth to a baby girl at Canossian Hospital. Her husband Jason reveals the baby was 5 pounds, 14 ounces. When asked who the baby looks like? He laughed: "Look like me, then its big trouble! We haven't decided on a Chinese name yet, but we have an English name for her. (Were you afraid to see the cutting of umbilical cord?) Nope, because I didn't get to see."

Annie announced on Weibo late at night:

"To all my fans and friends, I want to let you know I just finished giving birth. On August 20th, I gave birth to a little Dragon girl. She was 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Her English name is Jamie. We haven't given her a Chinese name yet.

Before I went into labor, I had a cough that never went away, so the doctor and anesthetist feared that I would cough nonstop during the delivery and affect the C-section stability. They suggested that I get full anesthesia, but I insisted on getting only half. I said I can handle it because I wanted to see the entire process. In the end, I went through the 1 hour operation without a single cough. I'm really grateful! The moment I saw my baby born, a living life before my eyes. Life is so wonderful!

Jason was responsible of video taping the entire process. Once the baby heard her Daddy's voice, her little eyes rolled over and looked at him. Then she smiled at him. I saw how loving my husband looked when our daughter looked at him, he looked more loving than when he looks at me (*angry face*). Haha, but he did thank me for all the hard work. Fine forgive him... finally of course I have to thank you all for the care, concern and support you had for baby and I. I will do my best on being a good mother." 

1 month baby born